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Social Proof Examples

We have created several social proof examples to show you the flexibility of our tool. Bussiness of all types can benefit from using SocialProof widgets to increase their conversion rates

E-commerce: Apparel retailer

In this social proof example we use the widget to create notifications that show recent sales and other aggregate information.

This creates FOMO (or Fear of Missing Out) in your customers, and social validation. In the case of this shop, showing how other people are interested in their products.

You can simulate all the data that is displayed, and also use our WooCommerce integration to send real sales data.

Service business: Marketing agency social proof example

Not only products can benefit from using our widget. In this social proof example, we show how a marketing agency can use SocialProof to show notifications relevant to their business.

Get more leads and convert more sales in your business, with the traffic you already have. Social proof widgets have shown to increase conversion rates from 20% to even 200%.

You can simulate all the data that is displayed, or integrate SocialProof with any platform that uses Webhooks.

Software as a service (SaaS): Optimize your funnel

Digital services can also benefit from social proof to increast signups, trials and paid customers. In this example, a SaaS solution uses SocialProof to display signup data for their product.

You can add the widget in your landing pages, to increase conversion rates in your funnel.

Use simulated data, and mix it with real data that comes from your backend.

Local businesses: Social proof for a gym example

If you have a local business, like a gym, this social proof example can give you tips on how to use our widget.

You can add real location data, even for your simulated notifications, to show people signing up from your geographical scope. You can also choose how often these notifications are automatically generated.

Social proof example: Community mailing list

When asking for personal data in exchange of a lead magnet, you need to give confidence to your visitors. Users are becoming more privacy conscious so asking, so social proof can help achieve your conversion goals.

Display users who sign up to your mailing list, or membership website. Socialproof is compatible with most membership plugins for WordPress. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Non-profit example: NGO

If you are a non-profit, chances are you have a donation model. SocialProof can help you increase your conversion rate in this case, showing real or simulated donor information in your widget.

SocialProof is very easy to use and can adapt to any type of website. This way, your donors will have the confidence to donate and help your cause.

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