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Fake Social Proof widget for your website

fake social proof notifications using Sidepop

Embedding a social proof widget on your website is easy, as you already have sales. But what happens if you don’t have sales? Or your sales are not enough? Creating a fake social proof widget is the most viable option in this type of business. In this article, we’re going to explore the advantage of Sidepop’s fake social proof widgets and how they can help your business start doing FOMO marketing easily.

How can I start building fake social proof notifications?

This can be the first thing that comes to your mind when you first read about this subject. Actually, most social proof notification solutions focus on real notifications. On the opposite side, Sidepop was created from the beginning to create false notifications that look realistic.

Sidepop was designed from the ground up to generate notifications that are credible. You can also combine it with real notifications coming from your WordPress registrations or your WooCommerce sales. Even you can use our API and connect your application with just a couple lines of code!

Actually, we created our solution with this in mind from the start. Notifications created in Sidepop are completely white-label, and you wouldn’t know it’s ours, even by looking at its source code!.

Some Sidepop features for creating simulated popups

In practice, Sidepop generates sales and other types of notifications in autopilot. These notifications are not created randomly, but we try to emulate sales in the most realistic way possible. Just enter how many false notifications you want to generate every day and the cities where your users are located. After that, Sidepop takes care of everything else.

You can also simulate real-time visitors on your website. Just set an average number and we make a realistic notification of realtime visitors, that moves upwards and downwards just like a realtime visitors counter would.

Also, when you have real sales, you can combine fake and real sales. This way, if customers see the notification after making a purchase, their transaction notification will show alongside the other notifications.

If you want to try out Sidepop, we offer a 7 days free trial.

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