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Hoversignal alternatives for your social proof widget

hoversignal alternatives

If you are looking for products similar to Hoversignal’s social proof widget, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to introduce Sidepop, one of the best Hoversignal alternatives available.

Why is Sidepop one of the best Hoversignal alternatives?

Actually, we have found three reasons why you should try Sidepop before comminting to a plan with Hoversignal.

Sidepop is better at handling simulated notifications

While Hoversignal does have features that allow you to display fake notifications (like random words and numbers), Sidepop takes it to the next level. In Sidepop you can generate perfect notifications that behave just like a real notification. Just enable “Fake notifications” in the Sidepop dashboard and you can add locations, products and customize every detail. The sistem automatically generates notifications that stay, not only for the current visitor but for all visitors to your website.

To say it in simple words, your fake notifications will be the same for every visit, everywhere. They are virtually uncatchable.

Sidepop is always white-label, even in our $9 plan

Hoversignal is really straightforward about their fake notifications feature. But what if your customers find out?

We’ve designed Sidepop with this issue in mind. Our widget is perfectly white label, and you wouldn’t know who is the company behind it, even seeing the source code. Even your most tech-savyy customers won’t tell a difference between Sidepop’s real and fake notifications.

Use WordPress and WooCommerce? This one is for you!

Actually, Hoversignal does have a WordPress plugin. But is it enough for your needs? Their plugin is only compatible with WooCommerce, while Sidepop’s also has full membership compatibility.

With WP Membership notifications, you can create notifications every time a user registers in your WordPress blog or platform. Also, it’s fully compatible with the most important membership plugins like Memberful.

You can customize with detail where your notifications will show, and also hide them where you don’t need them (I’m seeing you, order invoice!).

Some final words

Actually, we know how complicated is to choose between all Hoversignal alternatives you may have come across. For this reason, we are offering a 7 days free trial. You can use this trial without limits and see why Sidepop is the best option for your social proof needs.

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