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Social proof notifications in your website

Social proof notifications

Social proof notifications (like the popup are you currently seeing on the left side of this page) are awesome for conversions. Actually, you may think they are really hard to do, but they aren’t. In this article, we’re going to talk about Sidepop. And also, how this widget can boost your conversions and give your customers confidence.

Why are social proof notifications so popular?

You’ve probably seen these types of popups before. The truth is, even big companies use them to increase fomo and convert visitors into sales. This is a proven strategy and it’s easy to implement on any website.

There are other great advantages of this type of widget. One, is that you can also use them as a communication channel between you and your customers. This is a great alternative to offer your visitors discounts and show them what other people are buying.

These are not the only advantages to your website. Also, they are proven to increase awareness and trust. But, how can I implement this in my business?

Meet Sidepop, the fully customizable widget

Actually, we created Sidepop when we noticed how complicated was to customize current solutions of this type. The idea behind Sidepop is that you can create your own customized social proof notifications. You can even create fake social proof notifications if you don’t have real sales yet.

Social proof notifications made in Sidepop

Using Sidepop is super easy. Just install our WordPress plugin or configure it directly our the one-line embed code. Your popup will be installed instantly and you’ll be ready to start showing sales.

In Sidepop, everything is customizable. Also, If you use our plugin, you can send real data of WordPress subscribers and WooCommerce sales automatically. Sidepop is perfect when your business is starting, as it doesn’t have the problem that other widgets have. Create your notifications your way.

You can test Sidepop for free using our 7 days trial, and cancel anytime if you’re not convinced.

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