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Is “Verified by Proof” an actual verification?

Verified by Proof is not an actual verification

Have you stumbled upon a widget with a sale or action Verified by Proof? Chances are, you saw this badge and wondered: Is that an actual verification? And also, how can I have a similar widget on my website without breaking the bank? In this article, we’re going to talk about these three words and how we can create a social proof widget for much less using Sidepop.

No, “Verified by Proof” is not a verification

Try it for yourself. For anyone with limited tech knowledge, it’s easy to use their Zapier integration to send fake leads to the widget, for example, from Google Docs, even though the company claims the opposite. So, definitely Proof is not an actual verification that the data you send to the widget is real. And for the steep price of $79 for just 10,000 visits, it is definitely a bad choice.

Is Proof the only solution for Social Proof?

We’ve talked in previous articles about Social Proof Marketing and its advantages. Still, let’s be honest. You probably need to fill your notifications and customize them to fit your needs. For this reason, we created Sidepop. In Sidepop, you won’t find “Verified by Proof” or similar branding made just to upgrade you to a bigger plan in order to remove it. Sidepop is completely white-label, and even the embed code doesn’t reveal our brand!

Some advantages of Sidepop over Proof

Sidepop has several advantages over Proof. And trust us, your customers are going to love our notifications. Feel free to check out for yourself with our 7 days free trial.

Fully customizable notifications

In Sidepop, we’re honest about what you really want with a social proof widget. You can customize all the messages that appear in the notification, and even generate “sales” automatically (see the quotes?). This is great if you’re just starting your business and need to add a little bulk to your actual sales in order to increase FOMO.

100% white label widget

Our widget does not have our brand anywhere. Not even in its source code! We made it super hard to detect the company behind your widget. This way, you can feel confident that in case you decide to spice the things a little bit, you are in good hands.

Add your real sales also!

But what if you actually receive a real sale? With Sidepop you can also integrate our API to display real notifications for your sales. And also, if you use WordPress or WooCommerce, we have a super easy to use plugin. With this plugin, your information from WordPress registrations and WooCommerce sales is sent automatically to Sidepop. It’s the best of both worlds!

And again, “Verified by Proof” is not a real verification

All it’s needed is a Google search from a savvy customer for them to discover Proof is not an actual verification and how easily it can be faked. And trust us, you don’t want your customers to know that.

Switch to Sidepop and save yourself the hassle of your customers discovering it. Our 100% white label (even in its source code) will have the same effect in your customers, for a fraction of the price.

Try Sidepop for free with our 7 days trial.

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