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Convert visits into customers.

SocialProof is a fully customizable social proof notification system for you website.

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Display real sales data, or simulate your own.

With SocialProof you can type your custom sales notifications or connect your e-commerce solution to add real data to your social proof widget. Type the sales you want to show. Real or fake, it doesn't matter.

Customize everything as you want.

Grow your conversion rate and sales.

Integrate it with the apps you use.

"Thanks to SocialProof, we were able to increase our conversion rate in +200%"

Stephanie Reynolds
Founder at SEO Boost

Social proof notifications that work in any device.

SocialProof notifications are displayed in the inferior-left corner of your visitor' screens. Show recent purchase notifications, aggregated sales information and more customized messages.


Social proof works, and its based on FOMO

A study from Eventbrite discovered that 69% of millenials accept they have Fear of missing out (or FOMO). This incentivates buying impulse giving your visitors the validation they require to purchase your product or service.


Mix different social proof notifications in one simple popup.

Add recent activity notifications, realtime visitors and aggregated activity notifications. Add real data from other sources or simulate your own.

"SocialProof helps us convert visitors to leads interested in our service."

Brian Marco
COO at Hype Advertising

SocialProof works with all type of businesses.

Our notifications do not only work for e-commerce shops selling products. They are used by service providers, agencies, freelancers, software solutions and other type of businesses.


Frequently asked questions

How do I add simulated data to SocialProof?
You create simulated social proof notifications easily using our dashboard. Add your own fictitious location and sales, and SocialProof will generate new notifications automatically. Your widget will start showing social proof notifications without even making your first sale yet.
How can I install the social proof widget?
Just copy and paste one line of code, that's it. SocialProof will automatically install and start showing notifications. And if you don't know how to do it yourself, you can easily forward the install instructions to your developer.
Can I add real data to SocialProof?
Sure. We have inegrations with WooCommerce, most WordPress membership plugins like Paid Memberships Pro or s2Members. We also feature a Webhook so you can create social proof notifications on the fly.
Can I simulate live visitors notifications?
Yes, these notifications can also be simulated. Just set a desired target number and SocialProof will take care of randomizing the number and create convincing notifications.
Can I link notifications to other parts of my website?
Custom message notifications have an additional Call to action field where you can link it to another URL in your own website. Offer coupons and special promos to your visitors.
Will the social proof widget work in our website?
While we have tested SocialProof in lots of different websites, all sites can be different. For this reason, we offer 7-day free trial for you to test drive SocialProof and see if it fits for your needs.

Get SocialProof for your website

The first fully-customizable social proof notification system. It doesn't matter if you have sales or not.

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